Increase Efficiency within your organization.

ImproveCommunication with your Business Partners.

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Technical Support
DataCast's R3B2B Portal is a Business-to-Business (B2B) network that utilizes workflow technology to facilitate the tracking of tasks and activities among business partners.
As a Customer...Gain control over which services and service providers your organization is using.
Ensure proper approval is obtained for all service requests, prior to releasing to your service provider
Keep track of all service requests involving 3rd parties in one central place
Match invoices with original requests to ensure proper payment
View information across their entire organization pertaining to which services are requested most often, and by whom
Standardize requests for all out-sourced functions by requesting all of their service providers join and utilize R3B2B
As a Service Provider...Make it easier for your customers to request the common services that you provide, and keep them informed as you complete their requests. Utilizing workflow with dynamic routings that you define, your employees work together more efficiently in servicing your customers.
Standardize your internal processes
Increase productivity and reduce costs via use of workflow
Improve customer service by automatically keeping customers up-to-date with progress and or issues
Ensure billing accuracy and "eliminate surprises" by connecting invoices with requests